Open Positions

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The Meigs County Sheriff's Office is accepting positions for a full time Deputy position, and also a part time Nurse position. Applicants will need to pick up applications at the Sheriff's Office.

Aggravated Arson

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Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood reports that his office is currently investigating an Aggravated Arson case that has led to the arrest of one individual. Deputies were called to the residence of Dennis Persons, age 56, of 50810 Bigley Ridge Road in Long Bottom to assist the Olive Township Fire Department on a trailer fire. The report of the fire was called into Meigs EMS at 0615 this morning.

Deputies, after arriving on the scene, had received information that Persons had set the fire to his residence when other people were inside at the time. One of the victims that was inside the trailer when the fire was allegedly set received burns on his body and was transported by Meigs EMS to the Holzer Emergency Room of Pomeroy for treatment. The other victim that was inside the residence at the time was able to escape the burning residence and was not injured.

Sheriff Wood reports that Persons had given a statement to deputies at the scene that he had set the fire.

Sheriff Wood and Prosecuting Attorney Colleen Williams will be meeting with the State Fire Marshal’s Office officials to determine more charges in this investigation.

Assistance was requested for the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s office to assist in this investigation. Other fire departments that had responded to this fire were Chester Fire Department, Bashan Fire Department and the Tuppers Plains Fire Department.

Going Cashless!

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Effective March 1, 2016, the Meigs County Sheriff's Office will be going cashless for all monetary transactions. We will no longer accept cash for commisary, concealed carry permits, background checks, sex offender related transactions, or obtaining a copy of a police report. We will be accepting cashier/certified checks from the bank, but will no longer accept personal checks. For each credit/debit transaction, there will be a $2.00 maintenance fee.

Sheriff Sales - 1/29/16

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The Sheriff Sales for January 29, 2016 have been posted and made available. You can view a copy by selecting "Sheriff Sales" under the "Divisions" tab at the top of the page.