Jail Rules & Code of Conduct



Introduction:  The following rules state what is expected of you and what the jail staff can do for you while you are incarcerated in the jail. You will be required to read these rules. If you do not understand them or cannot read ask the jail officer to explain them to you.  Your signature on your Jail Inmate Record indicates that you have read and understand these rules.


Management:  The Jail is managed by the Sheriff and his staff.  The jail management is required by law to maintain security, decent living conditions, and fair treatment for all prisoners.  These rules are intended to ensure that this is accomplished.


Personal Hygiene:  It is important that you keep yourself clean and keep the jail clean and in good working order.  Necessary items for personal hygiene and care of living quarters will be furnished.  Daily inspections will be held. Uniforms will be exchanged twice a week, every Thursday and Sunday dayshift hours. Bed linens will be exchanged once a week, every Thursday dayshift hours. 


Personal Property:  Prisoners are not permitted to have valuable items in their possession.  Property found will be confiscated and returned on your release.  At the time you are admitted all property turned over to the jail officer will be inventoried on your Jail Inmate Record.  Your signature is required on the inventory.  When you are released your property will be returned to you and your signature is again required.  Your signature acknowledges that all items taken from you have been returned to you.


Jail Property:  All items issued to you by the jail officer are property of the jail and must be returned in good condition when you are released.  If you are found responsible for any intentional damage to or loss of any jail property you can be prosecuted and/or required to pay for the damage.


Money and Clothing:  Money, clothing, stationery, postage, and appropriate clothing for court appearances may be brought to you.  These items must be presented to the jail officer for inspection prior to you receiving them.  You will be issued jail clothing if your clothing is wet, in poor condition or unsanitary.


Visits:  Your attorney or clergyman may visit you at any reasonable time.  All other visits are authorized by the officer-in-charge.  No visitor under the age of 18 is permitted unless accompanied by their parent or guardian or is your spouse, child, or ward. Visitation hours are as follows: Wednesday 7:00PM to 8:30PM and Sunday 1:00PM to 3:00PM.


Phone Calls/Correspondence:  Your incoming mail will be inspected by the jail officer.  Mail from your attorney or the court will be inspected in your presence for contraband only.  Mail sent to the court will be delivered without delay.  Withholding of correspondence will be used as a form of punishment.  Incoming mail will be delivered immediately after inspection.  You will be permitted to complete a phone call to your attorney and a person of your choice on your original admission to the jail.  Additional calls can be made using the inmate phone in the day room.  Long distance calls are to be collect only. The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office will not be responsible for the cost of long distance calls.


Medical Services:  Reasonable and customary medical and dental treatment is available to you as a prisoner of an Ohio Jail.  You may report these needs to any jail officer at any time.

Professional Services are available as follows:

1. Mental Health: Woodland Centers 1-800-252-5554

2. Drug and Alcohol Addiction (740) 992-5277

3. Meigs County J.T.P.A. (740) 992-6431  


Escape and Contraband:  Any person who escapes or attempts escape or is responsible for bringing into the jail any weapons, saws, tools, narcotics drugs, alcohol, hallucinogens, or any items not issued by the jail staff will be prosecuted as provided by law.  There will be no exception to this rule.


Conduct:  You must obey all jail rules and follow the jail officer’s instructions.  You must conduct yourself 

in an orderly manner with respect for the rights of other prisoners.  If you fail to conduct yourself properly you may lose privileges for prisoners in good standing.


Sleep Hours:  Sleep hours shall be from 11:00PM to 6:30AM. Lights and TV will be shut off during this time.


There will be a $22 booking fee when the inmate is processed.


Food Service:  Meals will be served at the following times:


Breakfast 6:00am to 7:30am

Lunch 11:30am to 12:30am

Dinner 5:00pm to 6:00pm


Violations:  The following are considered infractions of the rules:


Minor Violations:


Failure to comply with an officer’s orders.

Profanity, derogatory remarks, or gestures to any member of the staff, visitors, or other prisoners.

Unnecessary noise, arguing, loud talking, shouting, whistling, rattling, or pounding on doors or windows.

Failure to perform routine duties such as cleaning housing area and making beds during prescribed hours.

“Horseplaying”, teasing or verbally harassing another prisoner.

Lying to an officer or staff member.


Abuse of telephone, intercom, or visiting or leisure privileges.

Abuse of food services.

Disrupting religious, medical, or food services or any other jail activity or program.


Retention of any medication or personal hygiene item issued at this facility or other source.


Major Offenses: 


Additional charges may be filed for:

Assault on a staff member or other person.

Escape, attempted escape, or aiding another escape.

Possession of alcoholic beverages or unauthorized drugs.

Theft of jail property or prisoner’s property.

Damage to jail property.


Possession of a weapon or chemical agent or any object which has been modified so that it may be used as a weapon.

Creating or inciting a riot.

Malicious destruction, alteration, or misuse of property.

Possession of any item not on the list of permitted items or authorized by the jail officer.


Permitted Items:  Prisoners are permitted to have the following times in their cells:


Bedding and Towels:

1 towel

1 washcloth

1 blanket

1 mattress


Personal Hygiene Items:

1 bar of soap.

1 stick of deodorant.

1 toothbrush

1 tube of toothpaste

1 comb

Shaving equipment while under the supervision of the jail officer.



2 changes of underclothing

1 jail uniform or street clothes

1 pair of shoes (without shoelaces)


Papers, Books, and Magazines:

Legal papers and personal letters

1 jail library book

1 other book 

2 magazines approved by the officer-in-charge


Issued Leisure Time Games and Equipment:

Games, puzzles, cards, etc.



Minor Violations:  You may be penalized by no more than a verbal reprimand unless authorized by the Sheriff or Jail Administrator.  In no event will your penalty exceed restriction of privileges such as leisure time activities for a period greater than 48 hours.


Major Violations: 

Major violations include persistent minor violations where the penalty serves no deterrent effect and violations which cannot be considered minor but are not a violation of law or a present and immediate threat to the security of the jail or any of its occupants.

Privileges which may be suspended:

Entertainment:  radio, TV,  games, etc.

Visits by friends.

Phone calls to friends and family.

Desserts or snacks.

You may be subject to restriction or suspension of privileges for a period of up to 120 hours.


Qualified rights which may be suspended:

Visits by family members.

Clothing, bed, bedding, unlimited access to the toilet, lavatory, and shower.  A daily review will be conducted for reinstatement of these rights.

Your qualified rights may be suspended only when the practice in a particular case poses a serious threat to security or when jail property is seriously abused.

Thorough documentation is required to justify the suspension of your qualified rights.


Fundamental rights which cannot be suspended:

Visits by attorney.

Visits by your clergyman.

Phone calls to your attorney or clergyman.

Adequate and nutritional food.

Adequate light, ventilation, temperature control, and sanitation.

Medical care.


Grievance:  You have a right to file a grievance if you feel that you have been abused or harassed in any way for an incident which occurred in the jail or unjustly denied any privilege.  The grievance shall be in writing and should contain the date, time, and name of the staff member (s) involved with the details of the incident and any witnesses and shall be forwarded to the Sheriff.  You will be supplied with writing materials when requested.