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Funding for New Radios

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Meigs County, Ohio will soon be a safer place for not only those who live there, but those in neighboring counties as well.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety and the Ohio Emergency Management Agency purchased 71 MARCS radios and presented them to the Meigs County Sheriff's Department Thursday, all funded by a grant from the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Nearly $250,000 was spent on the new equipment.

Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood said this was quite the gift, right before Christmas. "I'm very humbled by the opportunity we've been given today, by this gift to our office and to this community,” Wood said.

The new radio system serves as a safety feature for first responders in the county, connecting them directly to other responders across the state that have the same system.

Wood says it is more efficient and is the clearest form of communication for first responders. Making their job easier makes emergency response faster, which makes the community a safer place.

"We're in some pretty rural areas in this county and that sometimes doesn't give us the ability to get out there," Wood said. "These radios get us over that hump, we have that now."

The radio system is capable of communicating with responders as far away as neighboring states, as long as they have the upgraded system.

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