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Warmer Weather Precautions

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As the long awaited summer months arise and the temperature outside increase, the Meigs County Sheriff's Office wants you to keep your safety in mind. Severe heat, without proper precautions, may cause illness or even death.

When the temperatures increase, you can take the following precautions to reduce your heat risk:

  • Dink plenty of fluids but avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine or alot of sugar
  • Never leave a person or pet in a closed, parked vehicle
  • Check frequently with those who are elderly 
  • Make sure pets have water and a cool place to lay

If you go outside:

  • Plan strenuous outdoor activities for earlier/or later in the day when temperatures are cooler
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Keep hydrated when working outside
  • At first signs of heat illness, most to a cooler location, rest for a few minutes and slowly drink a cool beverage 
  • Avoid a sunburn: it slows the skin's ability to cool itself; use sunscreen location with a high SPF rating

If the power goes out or air conditioning is unavailable:

  • If A/C is unavailable, stay on the lowest floor outside of the sunshine
  • Keep a few bottles of water in your freezer; if the power goes out, move them to the refrigerator and keep the doors shut
  • Contact 911 if you have encounter any heat related emergencies

Health precautions extracted from HDHHS

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